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How much does a stork rental cost? What is the rental period?

Our stork yard sign rentals are $95.00. The stork sign rental period is one week. Upon pick-up, the bundle and any additional signage such as sibling star will be left by the front door.


How far in advance should rentals be placed?

We will deliver your stork to welcome the new baby within 24 to 48 hours of placing an order. Orlando Baby Signs receives orders online 24/7. You can also reach us by email at

Do you accept orders for stork announcement signs prior to the arrival of the baby?

Yes! When placing the order for a stork signs for new baby please include baby’s expected due date in the appropriate space on our online order form. This will reserve the sign. Once baby arrives just notify us and we will schedule delivery.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

No – delivery is included in all stork yard sign rentals.

Where do you place the stork yard sign?

We use our best judgement to ensure optimal visibility of the stork sign and backdrop for photographs. If you have a specific placement preference, please notify us when placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate. For specific location requests, please mark the area on the yard with a visible marker.

Can I move, mow around or attach ballons to the stork yard sign?

Please do not move and/or remove the yard sign as this may cause damage. We do not recommend mowing around sign due to potential damage that may occur. Do not attach anything to the sign, including balloons. The sun can bake the latex into the sign causing permanent damage.

What happens if my stork sign gets damaged?

If you notice any damage to your stork yard sign please email Orlando Baby Signs immediately. The signs are durable, weather-resistant, and designed to last. While our birth announcement signs are durable they are not made for climbing. Orlando Baby Signs is not responsible or liable for any and all injuries involving the sign while on the renter’s property.

What zip codes do you deliver to?
We deliver baby signs to the following Central Florida zip codes: 32829, 32822, 32812, 32809, 32839, 32806, 32805, 32811, 32835, 32819, 32824, 32827, 32832, 32807, 32803, 32801, 32825, 32817, 32792, 32789, 32751, 32814, 32804, 32808, 32818, 32810, 32751, 32837, 32821, 32836, 34761, 34734, 34786, 32703, 32830, 32831, 32828, 32826, 32765, 32771, 32792, 32746, 32708, 32714, 32707, 32779.